Samples of actual communications

The examples are as follows:

1) utilizing 'always active'  text-to-speech icons

2) Greeting new acquaintance

3) Asking for favor. Can be text-to-speech or SMS text.

4) Suggesting an activity. Can be TTS or SMS.

5) Requesting lunch from menu . (french option)

6)  Requesting personal assistance for going visiting.

7)  Breakfast ordering.  (Spanish option)

8) 'Always active'  text-to speech icons - spanish.

Videos of sample non verbal communications


NonVerbal Disabled Communication App - Bee-Kwikr

NonVerbal disabled communication App, functioning on a 10" Phablet allowing the disabled to communicate with friends and family via Text-to-Speech or SMS texts. All communication performed via  simply touching screen icons / predetermined text files. Listed below are actual videos of possible communications.